Nailaholics Opens in Iloilo

It’s a little past noon on any given day—a time when most hard-working, professional women let the weight of their to-do lists sink in. As it does, Nailaholics, that quaint Hamptons-themed nail salon perfect for a quick escape, throws their doors open ready to give a respite from the grind.

Typically, women arrive bemoaning the brutal day at work, deadlines that just won’t budge, bosses that won’t get off their backs. And soon, about half a dozen will be sat down on plush armchairs, stretching their legs across, reaching their hands out, waiting for their nails to be filed and painted, their heads casually thrown back for a quick nap or to the side as they chat idly with their seatmates.

Nailaholics SM City Iloilo

For many, a mani/pedi is a necessary indulgence, for others, it’s a desire to ensure meticulously groomed nails—for all, it’s the enjoyment of the soothing qualities of the experience. And perhaps no other nail salon in the city has perfected the art of efficient service and escapism more than Nailaholics.

Nailaholics is a getaway, one that you can easily get to with a quick side-trip over lunch break or before you head home, where the draw of its calming interiors tease the promise of relaxing pampering experience…not unlike the feeling you get when you first dig your toes in the sand on a holiday.

“Nailaholics understands that women today are busy. Sure, a trip to the nail salon feels indulgent, but it’s one that they feel they need and deserve. Our goal is to make this kind of pampering experience, one that fits seamlessly into the busy lifestyles of our clientele, accessible,” explains Rizza Duenas, Operations Manager of Nailaholics.

The most basic service normally takes about half an hour, a full 60 minutes or more when it comes to full pampering packages. And while it might not seem much, that hour can be that much needed respite from the tedium of corporate life, the drudgery of back and forth meetings or the stress from difficult clients. Quite simply, it offers silence from the busy chatter of the world and it simply makes you feel good.

For a stolen hour (or maybe two), you have nothing to worry about but choosing how you want to be indulged. A quick trip may mean a brief manicure and a gentle hand massage, a little more time means dipping your feet in the whirling foot baths and paraffin wraps, for special occasions you can try the more technologically advanced gel polish techniques. But whatever you have time for, you receive it with exceptional service—attentive but not imposing, laid-back but focused on giving you the escape you need and deserve.

At the end of it all, you emerge feeling refreshed and pampered, patting yourself on the back for giving yourself the time to indulge. You’ll be back on form, to handle work and deadlines in no time—and when the need to get away from it all presents itself again, Nailaholics will be there to give you an escape when you need it.


Nailaholics is an urban destination that offers its customers an escape from the daily grind through its exceptional interiors and exceptional pampering service. It currently has 60 branches nationwide, including in Ayala Cebu, SM Seaside, SM Olongapo, SM Manila, Glorietta 3, and SM Iloilo. For more information and to get first dibs on promos, contests and other updates, you may visit us at or follow us at, and

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