JanSport, The Ideal Pack Companion

Life is packed with so many opportunities to discover and experience new things, and so finding the ideal pack companion is a key. Jansport, the original outdoor gear brand since 1967, has launched its Fall 2016 collection featuring classic and enduring packs fit for everyday adventures, whether it may be a night out with friends over coffee and music, an exciting road trip to some new place or watching the night.

The collection showcases iconic silhouettes in fresh colors and prints, as well as brand- new styles. There’s a pack to fit one’s lifestyle and adventure.

JansSport Super Break
JansSport Super Break

The ultimate classic, the Superbreak, is lightweight and designed for everyday use. It also comes in eye-catching prints and color.

JanSport Big Student and JanSport Cool Student
JanSport Big Student and Cool Student

For days at school, the very reliable Big Student and Cool Student are the right picks. These have extra large capacity with several pockets for premium organization. Both has an ergonomic S-curve shoulder strap that can protect the back and neck from heavy loads.

The iconic Right Pack that comes in premium Cordura fabric and its signature suede leather bottom is also for everyday use, it can fit the laptop for work and clothes for a quick run in the gym.

JanSport Digibreak
JanSport Digibreak and Digital Student

Gadgets have become a part of today’s daily lives, and because today’s generation can’t do without them, it’s only fitting that these possessions are stored in packs that ensure protection. The Digibreak and Digital Student each has a laptop, and tablet compartment. And the power bricks, external hard drives and other accessories will fit snugly in the other compartments.

JanSport Watchtower, Hatchet, Bishop and Iron Sight
JanSport Watchtower, Hatchet, Bishop and Iron Sight

On a backpacking adventure, the Watchtower, Hatchet, Bishop, and Iron Sight are the best choices! These bags are built for tough environment because of its high quality fabrics, while the leather trims add a chic and rustic personality. It can fit all travel gear and other essentials, plus whatever souvenirs the traveler may pick up along the way.

Available at JanSport BHS, Bratpack, The Travel Club, R.O.X., Jansport packs can also be ordered at JanSport.com.ph. More details are found on Facebook and Instagram.

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