Three fashion apps designed for men

Girls and fashion are like men and football. People rarely hear about fashion apps that are made for stylish men, but they do exist.

It’s true that there’s almost an app for everything now, and mobile programs that suggest stylish clothes to men is testament to that. It’s not surprising, really, as the market for virtual goods is one of the most lucrative businesses today. According to the firm that handles the gaming outfit Spin Genie, the mobile industry was worth around $15 billion last year.

Every guy can do with a little help with it comes to dressing up so why not recruit the services of one of the amazing apps below?

Cool Guy


Cool Guy is a wardrobe planner and a shopping pal in one. It helps men plan their outfit for the day, as well as suggest clothing combinations when users are at a store. All men have to do is take pictures of clothes and the app will mix and match outfits. Apart from visual suggestions, Cool Guy also provides advice on how to mix colors and buy things according to one’s body type.

Cool Guy is free for both iOS and Android users.


Swackett is the only fashion app that that gives suggestions based on the current weather. Should users wear a nice suit or a hoodie? If it’s a windy day, Swackett will advise users to wear clothes that can help them stay warm. Swackett ensures that users will never freeze their balls again without looking terrible in public.

The app is also free for users of Apple and Android.


ASOS is a guy’s complete guide to fashion. It has two versions: one specifically for shopping, and the other patterned after the company’s magazine publication.

ASOS’ shopping app showcases collections from over 800 brands. It has catwalk simulation videos so users can see how clothing combinations look while being worn.

On the other hand, the ASOS’ magazine app features a complete guide to the current fashion trends. The app is optimized for use in smaller screens so the image quality of the pictures is very high.

Like the first two, ASOS is also free for both Apple and Google phone users.

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