What would you wear on a night out to a casino

Going to a real land based casino can be quite the adventure, if your only experience of casino is playing poker and blackjack online. Because it is so much easier and more convenient to play online, there are lots of people who have never visited a real casino, so if they ever were to go to one, they might be confused about what to wear. Casino fashion is an important aspect of the casino experience as it is related to your reason for going and also how you are treated by the staff.

Nowadays unless you are going to a seriously upmarket casino in Monaco or somewhere like that, casinos are quite reasonable about what is acceptable to wear. You can even wear casual clothing, but the key is to look presentable and clean and at least vaguely like you are going to spend some money in the casino. If you really want to make an impression you could wear a cocktail dress or nice smart evening dress. If you are there to take in the entertainment and meet new people this could be a good way to go as it will attract attention and people will see that you have made an effort. If you are just there to play the games, then comfort of course should be a big factor in what you wear. Games can get quite tense, so you don’t want to feel hot and stuffy and crammed into a tight little dress.

Flip flops are a no no, but if you are going to be visiting a large casino and intend on doing lots of things within it and visiting all of the different entertainment options you will want to wear comfortable shoes. Consider a mid-length heel court shoe with a nice knee length dress for comfort.
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