Fine Upgrades Plus Revolutionizes Technology with Smart Plugs USB Wall Socket

Go-getters, amp your social life a notch higher! Introducing to you Fine Upgrades Plus’ newest innovation, the Smart Plug. With Smart Plug, you never have to worry about low battery ever again.

FU-A27C, FU-A24C,FU-A25C and FU-A26C
FU-A27C, FU-A24C,FU-A25C and FU-A26C

The Fine Upgrades Plus USB powered Wall Socket creatively combines the USB charger and Wall switch / socket. It is equipped with a universal USB charger, a universal AC outlet or a switch. The built-in surge 5Vdc charging power it can charge most devices such as iPhone,iPods, iPad, PDA, e-book readers, cameras, Bluetooth devices, electronic cigarettes and other Smart and regular mobile phones. It can be installed anywhere just like your regular electrical outlet. Smart Plug will definitely revolutionize the way we charge our devices.


Go anywhere and everywhere with this and you’re set! In Cebu, you can chill at Chatime Cebu IT Park or stay at Citipark Hotel and feel free to recharge your devices since they’re both equipped with the Fine Upgrades Plus Smart Plugs USB Wall Socket Chargers. Fine Upgrades Plus Smart Plugs are also available at Banilad Cebu Trade Center and Cebu Bionic Builders. And more establishments will be girded with the socket chargers.

Take control of your gadgets for the world is your recharging station! Plug it. Charge it. Simple. Fine Upgrades Plus – The Future is Here and it Needs to be Charged.

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