DON PAPA Rum now in Cebu

A new Papa has come to town. No, it’s not a local celebrity. It’s THE Don Papa Rum, the locally produced, small batch premium rum which is finally available in select bars and stores in the Queen City of the South.

Don Papa Rum Cebu

Made 100% in the Philippines, this premium rum was aged in oak barrels for seven years in the foothills of Mt. Kanlaon which is where it gets its light, fruity scent and rich taste. Don Papa is crafted with great precision and substantially amplifies the liquor experience. And thrown in with mixes, it elevates you to another dimension.

And it’s packaging? Totally eye-catching. The design is inspired by Philippine wildlife, the Carabao and the Tarsier, as well as sugarcane fields of Negros, and an illustration of Papa Isio. To cast a little bit of history, Papa Isio was an actual Filipino revolutionary during the occupation of Spain and the United States. He helped lead his island and our country to independence. Its exquisite detail is absolutely beautiful and together with its superb tastes, it has set a new standard in Philippine luxury.

Don Papa Rum Cocktails
Don Papa Rum Cocktails: Coco Breeze, Liquid Butterscotch and Ka-Pag Serious Ka

As described by Andrew Garcia, the local market head for Don Papa small batch rum, “This country is the second largest rum market in the world, yet does not have a genuinely premium rum. With Don Papa, we wanted to rectify that: beautiful packaging, a great story and of course, a delicious rum. A rum so good, we think you can even drink it neat!”

Don Papa small batch rum can be found in Cebu at the following bars: Vudu Lounge, Formo, Gilt, Scrapyard, Penthouse, Loft, Pump, Alchology, Juliana, Yo Latino 1 & 2, Arena, Club Mermaid, Jokers Arm, and in the following retail stores : Kawin and Angel Axerces.

Taste the magic of authentic Filipino premium rum with a shot of Don Papa now.

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