Find the right bra for your bridesmaids dress

As a bridesmaid, you’ll probably be given a dress to wear on the big day. This can be any style or colour, so make sure you choose a bra to match. The right lingerie will shape and mould your assets and ensure you look fabulous as you stroll down the aisle.
Here’s the perfect garment for:

A plunging neckline
The bride might not have the same fashion sense as you, but there’s no need to run for the hills if you see a plunging neckline. Simply choose a bra that’s specifically designed for low-cut tops and dresses, and make the most of your breasts. Whether you’ve had a breast enhancement or need a little help up front, there’s sure to be something in the shops that will help you feel confident. Whatever happens, the centre gore (the part between the cups) should not be on show, so try your new bra on with your dress.

A strapless number
Of course a strapless dress requires a strapless bra – but there’s a little more to think about when you’re out shopping. First and foremost, you must look for something with a silicone lining as this will stop your undergarment from falling down when you hit the dance floor. Secondly, it’s wise to find something in a similar colour to your dress, just in case the frock moves around at the top or slips at little. Finally, consider buying something that has removable strap, as this will be more versatile.

Dresses with one strap
If you’re asked to wear a dress with one strap, don’t automatically presume a strapless bra will do. Many one-shoulder gowns sit lower on one side than another, so it’s best to look for a relatively skimpy bra with different strap adjustments. This will stop material from poking out the top while making sure you get as much support as possible. If you have a small chest, you could even get away with chicken fillet bras, so try a range of styles on before you make a purchase.

Halter-neck dresses
Halter-neck dresses are ideal for large-busted women or those who have undergone a breast uplift procedure as they provide a little more support. What’s more, many boulder holders come with halter-neck straps so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding something suitable. As necklines can alter, always try on your lingerie and wedding outfit together to make sure you look your best.

Being a bridesmaid should be fun, so don’t let a fashion faux pas ruin your day.

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