City of Vintage

City of Vintage Swimwear

“There truly is something about the 50’s fashion that is effortlessly elegant and classy. If I can choose the year as to when I prefer to be born, fashion greatly in consideration, I’d definitely choose 1940s so I’ll already be in full bloom in a floral midi-skirt by the 50’s. Ha! My love for vintage fashion has been clearly manifested during our wedding. Everything was vintage-inspired. To me, it is an era wherein femininity was greatly valued. Polished looks, well-tailored dresses, simple yet striking prints and hour-glass figure of women are undoubtedly looks to behold.” – Mac, owner of City of Vintage

City of Vintage Swimwear

City of Vintage gives you another swimwear collection that entwines classic and modern fashion. This collection goes to show that classic, given the right twist and modification, can still be taken to another level of elegance.

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