Uniqlo Philippines: From Tokyo to Manila

Uniqlo Philippines

Filipino fashionistas will finally get a taste of Japan’s No. 1 fashion brand, Uniqlo, as its first store is set to open on June 15 at SM Mall of Asia joining 12 other countries like China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and others.

Uniqlo Philippines Uniqlo T-shirts UT

One of Uniqlo’s popular line, Uniqlo T-shirt s UT collaborates with popular brands such as Metal Gear, Barbie, Lords of Liverpool, Hello Kitty, DC Comics and many more. Their other lines such as Bratop, Bra Camisole, Women’s and Men’ Jeans, Short Sleeve Polo Shirts will also be available at Uniqlo Philippines store.

With Uniqlo’s “Made for All” philosophy, their brand is not just limited to a certain market, whether you are rich or not, stylish or simple, they just want everyone to enjoy their clothes. Uniqlo’s high-quality and affordable clothing line will surely win the hearts of Filipinos.

Chris Tiu, Iza Calzado, Chito Miranda and Nikki Gil

Uniqlo Philippines recently revealed their “Cast” to embody its “Made for All Philisophy”. The complete Cast are among the highly admired Filipino personalities, Chris Tiu, Iza Calzado, Chito Miranda and Nikki Gil.

Uniqlo Philippines will be giving away tote bags to the first 500 daily customers from June 15 to 17 and to shoppers with a minimum single receipt of Php2,000 for free. Free mochiko will also be given to the first 500 customers on June 15 starting at 10am. Discounted items are also up for grabs from June 15 to 21.

Visit Uniqlo Philippines website or their official facebook page for more details.


Fast Retailing Co. Ltd. plans to open 50 Uniqlo stores in the country within 3yrs.

Images Source: Uniqlo

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