Starting my own Diamond Collection

During my childhood days, my mother used to collect diamond rings. I could still remember myself sitting while watching my mom carefully cleaning those precious diamonds then slowly placing them back on their respective boxes. It was indeed very pretty and shiny! Mom places them on her hiding place (a special hidden door at the back of her closet) so that no one finds it just in case someone might get interested of stealing those collections. It was her precious and was the only collection she ever had.

Bragging it may sound, but those collections were life savers. Did you know that every time there are emergencies like school fees or health problems, mom, as much as she doesn’t want to, sends those diamonds to the lending shop? That’s why she treasures it so badly and even gets them back from the lending shop as soon as possible. Those diamond collections helped us in so many things, especially on the financial area.

It lasted until all of us finished studies and had our own source of income. I wonder where all those diamonds are now? Does mom still have them or is she still collecting…and I wonder how much is its worth all in all?

Maybe my mom kept it safe… Where? I don’t know. Hopefully, it’s still there. For me, I’ll try to make my own collection. Something that I love…maybe it will lead me to something better. Actually, I have already started collecting them.

Diamond Rings Collection
starting my own collection

I just probably got so much inspiration from my mom that I tend to follow her footstep. Hoping to collect more diamond rings or any diamond for that matter in the near future.

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