Zombadings Premiers in Cebu

From the producers, writers and director of the multi-awarded “Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros” comes another extraordinary movie entitled “Zombadings 1: Patayin Sa Shokot si Remington.” It’s a-one-of-a-kind thriller/comedy/coming-of-age story about a curse, gay zombies, and a boy’s journey into gayhood and back.

Zombadings I: Patayin sa Shokot si Reminton

The movie garnered an ‘A’ rating from MTRCB CRB and it will open in theaters nationwide on August 31, 2011.

There will be a Premier Night on August 25, 2011 (7PM) at Cinema 2, SM City Cebu. All the proceeds on the one-day special advanced screening of “Zombadings 1: Patayin Sa Shokot si Remington” will go to the efforts of Bisdak Pride Inc., which is committed to HIV/AIDS prevention via awareness. So see you all there!

Here’s the trailer of “Zombadings 1: Pataying Sa Shokot Si Remington.”


An Origin8 Media Production

Directed by: Jade Castro
Written by: Raymond Lee, Michiko Yamamoto, Jade Castro
Produced by: Raymond Lee
Starring: Roderick Paulate, Eugene Domingo, Janice de Belen, John Regala, Kerbie Zamora, Lauren Young and Martin Escudero


Remington likes Hannah but she doesn’t seem to care for him. He isn’t worried, though. After all he is young, handsome, and self-assured. And, being out of school and without a job, he has all the time in the world to woo her until she submits to his charms.

No such luck.

All she sees when she looks at him is a bum and a fool. Apathetic and uncouth, lacking ambition and oozing chauvinism, he represents for her the worst of their generation of excellent underachievers.

Then slowly, involuntarily, he starts changing when a faceless, malevolent spirit dressed as a go-go boy starts paying him nightly visits.

First, he attacks Remington’s body with a sharp bladed weapon. The next day Hannah can’t help but notice his immaculate shave and baby-smooth skin.

Next the ghost sticks a fist inside Remington’s mouth and stretches out his tongue. The next day he starts peppering his sentences with riotous gay speak which tickles Hannah’s depressive mother no end. He also suddenly takes to wearing small, body-hugging tops and jeans that emphasize his lean body and make Hannah do a double take.

In short, Remington is turning gay! And he doesn’t know how or why this is happening. But at least now he has Hannah’s attention and growing admiration. After the ghost’s next visit, though, Remington starts caring less and less for her and more and more for his best friend, Jigs. Just as Hannah starts falling for him, he falls for Jigs!

Remington knows that something is terribly and unspeakably wrong, something he can neither explain nor fight. He consults a witch doctor. It all comes back to him.

Memories of himself as a six-year old boy who made fun of all the gays in town come rushing back. Most importantly he remembers the moment he was cursed. Accompanying his mother to the cemetery one day, he spots a gay man in mourning and promptly starts taunting him. The man turns to little Remington and puts a curse on him: “You will turn gay when you grow up.”

That was fifteen years ago; now the spirit of the curse has come to life.

Remington must choose: accept his fate, like his sorry lazy ass is wont to do, or fight it.

In the process he must also sort out his feelings for the girl he loves and the buddy he’s all of a sudden lusting after, come to terms with his homophobia, and escape a psycho gay-killer on the loose.

Whether or not he succeeds he is forever changed. By becoming a better person, Remington has finally turned into a real man.

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