The Birth of the American-Victorian Setting in Cebu

I guess the Civil War wasn’t that bad after all. If you try to think of it, it was an eye opener to how they can make the most of their lives despite the traumatic death during the war. It made them wiser. It gave them the idea to have more time for themselves; and social (night) life was born during the American-Victorian Era.

The Birth of the American-Victorian Setting in Cebu

The Era of uncertainty and bloodshed inspired Bordello’s Cebu, the newest party place in Cebu, with their interior. It was elaborate and full of emotion. You can really feel the aura of their culture from the photos, the interior and the colors inside Bordello’s Cebu.

It started with a simple ribbon cutting and an intimate cocktail party…and then, everyone was very eager to check what was inside the newest party place in Cebu. Of course, the Cebu Fashion Bloggers will never miss this kind of event so here we go!

Partying at Bordello's Cebu

Check Bordello’s Cebu for more info.

One of the best things about Bordello’s Cebu aside from their wide dance floor is their strict¬†implementation¬†of the NO SMOKING policy inside the bar.

No Smoking inside Bordello's Cebu

Yes, I’m pretty sure everybody hates it when they smell like cigarettes after going inside a bar. Sounds familiar anyone?

In Bordello’s Cebu, you will only smell your scent, your partner’s scent and a whole lot of fun!!!

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