Bordello’s Cebu – Cebu’s Newest Party Venue

Bordello's Cebu
Are you sick and tired of going to the same party place over and over again? Well, this might just be what you’re looking for!!!

A new party place is about to open their doors to the people in Cebu. An American-Victorian setting that will rock your every night out.

Bordello’s Cebu

Mark your calendar as the newest party place will give a full blast launching this Saturday, July 30, 2011 (7:00 PM).  Come this July 30 and let Bordello’s Cebu takes you to the Victorian era with a twist. As we set the dance floor to the highest level of clubbing sounds and sights.


  • Pandora’s Band
  • House and mash-up mixes by DJ Eyral Rubejes and guest
  • DJ Marvin Evangelista

Performance from LOGAN’s Angel with their Moulin Rouge, Burlesque stints.



Finally, Bordello’s bares and opens its doors and Cebu partyphiles can now spend more eventful nights at Cebu’s newest party venue.

On July 30, Bordello’s, incidentally an Italian word for “brothel” and at same time the owner’s adopted surname, gives Cebu a refreshing if not a provocative redefinition of the word “sexy” by bringing the poetic glamour and intensity of the American-Victorian era distilled in today’s taste.

Conveniently located along A.S. Fortuna Street in Mandaue, Bordello’s Cebu is in fact not a brothel, not even a strip-bar, cleared Mike Bordello, owner.

“Bordello’s is our response to Cebu’s much needed new party place in an American-Victorian setting,” said Mike.



Victorian America is a period in the United States from the middle of the 19th century to the start of the 20th century. It is a time of great uncertainty for the Americans who were confused and bent to favor the European flair. The period also endured the upheavals of the American Civil War that shaped the mood of the period—its architecture, its culture.

Somehow, this created an interesting era of contradictions. Its best manifestation is the era’s architecture and design that is dark, elaborate, romantic and emotional.

Bordello's Cebu Interior

Fascinatingly, this is replicated at Bordello’s Cebu.

Upon entering, partypahiles are lured by the interesting textures of rich and sexy draperies, chandeliers, fabric panels over dark-painted walls, curious relics and trinkets of the Victorian age, and teasing monochrome pictures of nude women of that by-gone era that is to create an allusion to the inspiration.

Bordello's Cebu Interior Design

Bordello’s is a two-storey facility. On the upper floor is the large dance floor area, a smaller bar, sitting areas and the VIP lounge. On the lower area are more comfortable lounges and the main bar. Parking is also not a problem as the place comes with ample parking space.


New experience

Space sets the mood and most definitely, party voyeurs will be treated into an especially different vibe. Bordello’s Cebu is poised to veer away from the usual party beats and promises to breathe new life to Cebu’s party scene.

Join us on July 30, Bordello’s Cebu will open its doors to usher yet another party experience.



*** – (Official Press Release)


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