HYD’s Fashion Face Off Challenge 2011

This is definitely a ring in the ear for all young fashion designers out there! This is going to be a one of a kind competition for you guys! I present to you HYD. The Hot Young Designers.

Hot Young Designers

Hot Young Designers’ advocacy is to find the best young and new Filipino Fashion designers. We will be supporting them by helping them establish their own lines. With the rise of these different talents, our vision is for the Philippines to be recognized as the primary fashion hub in Asia.

This is going to be very exciting indeed. The Fashion Face Off Challenge will be a 9-month long competition to see who can create the best selling fashion line. Please see below for the mechanics.
Fashion Face Off Challenge 2011



This will be a competition among five representatives of highly acclaimed fashion schools in Manila. The five contestants chosen will be among many of those aspiring RTW fashion designers in the industry. The representatives will have to show off your skills as a designer of ready-to-wear clothing.

  1. First Quarter: October to December 2011
  2. Second Quarter: January to March 2012
  3. Third Quarter: April to June 2012
  4. Fourth Quarter: July to September: Looking for the next batch of designers and awarding of the 2011 winner

For each of the quarter, you will have to create your own collection. You will have to create 4 variants for each piece (it may be various sizes or color or fabrics). The maximum cost per piece will be at Php 500. Markup for the pieces will be agreed upon by the designer and the business coach. All receipts should be kept by the designer and should be submitted to the business coach every check up period. All of these receipts should have an official receipt named to Hot Young Designers. If in case your supplier does not issue official receipts, please do look for a supplier that issues one.

The clothes will all be sold in a virtual store. At the end of the third quarter, the market/customers will determine the winner. How? The person with the most revenue generated for the entire 9 months will be declared the winner.

What’s in it for you, the designer?

  • You will not spend a single peso. We will give you a budget of Php 20,000 per quarter (half of it will be given at the start of each quarter and half of it will be given at the middle of the quarter). Aside from that, 10% of the earnings from the clothes that are sold will go to you as allowance for incidental expenses like travel, food, etc. Payout for this share will be given at the end of each quarter.
  • This will be a chance for you to start your own line. All items will be labeled: Hot Young Designers by your name
  • We will of course spend in advertising and marketing, thus launching you as an upcoming designer for this year.
  • In the process of the competition, you will be assigned a business coach. This coach will teach you skills in business and starting your new line on the business side.
  • And of course, you will get the chance to win Php 100,000.00 worth of prizes for you to start your new line.

If you are interested, please be present at our screening session on July 1 from 2-6 pm. The venue will be announced their Facebook Page. If you need the application forms, please email us at hotyoungdesigners(at)gmail(dot)com.



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